New MOSH/MOAH process - We support you!

Since with the DIN EN 16995:2017 protocol only sufficiently accurate and comparable results down to 10 mg/kg are achievable for matrix loaded samples, an additional DGF method was developed which enables for up to 10-fold more sensitive, comparable and accurate results. Compared to the conventional method above, this requires additional clean-up using silica in glass SPE columns with subsequent evaporation.

LCTech offers dedicated high-quality glass columns with suitable materials to implement the new method in your laboratory. Choose between manual processing or fully automated operation from sample to purified and evaporated concentrate on the FREESTYLE SPE-EVA robotic platform.

Manually or all by itself? The choice is yours.

One step to the result - 180 mm long glass columns, ideally suited for 10 mL sample loading in a single manual step.
So flexible - 105 mm long glass columns for manual and automated processing
Blank values were yesterday - Inert accessories and binder-free glass fibre filters
Also on offer - Ready-to-use silica gel annealed at 400 °C with charge certificate
Facilitated processing - manually or fully automated with FREESTYLE SPE-EVA for the cleaned-up and concentrated sample in a 1 mL vial.

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