X-TRACTION product video - down to the smallest detail

Quality from the very beginning

A good extraction is the basis for every analysis. The X-TRACTION system works with Pressurised Fluid Extraction (PFE) principle and the innovative design and LCTech procedure make the system unique and offers many advantages:

Easiest handling - exceptionally easy handling of the extraction cell without tools
Time-saving - very short extraction times
Solvent-saving process - short cycles and only 10 - 20 mL solvent needed for rinsing
Extremely low maintenance - fast "Plug & Use" installation and low cost of ownership
Cost-saving - extremely few consumables

As simple as ingenious: The extraction cell

The lids of the cell are equipped with magnets and thus allow exceptionally easy opening and closing – no threads or additional tools required.

The cell with a capacity of up to 75 mL is assembled with only a few parts.
Stainless steel design brings exceptional robustness.

Flexibility for maximum performance

To scale up your process, the basic module can be easily adapted to your needs via a data cable with up to 5 expansion modules – retrofittable at any time.


Flexible operation options of the modules via a central touchpad – It’s up to you:

  • Individual: All units run with different methods, started any time
  • Parallel: All units, started simultaneously with the same method
  • Mixed-mode: Any amount of units run in parallel-mode, rest individual-mode

Further Features:

  •   No cross-contamination
  •   High reproducibility
  •   Decisive safety functions
  •   Few consumables: Only 1 glass fibre filter per sample


The X-TRACTION is applicable for the extraction of dioxins and PCBs according to US EPA method 3545A.
Extraction tests for other POPs such as PBDE, PCN, PFOS etc. will follow shortly.